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Digital images can easily be enhanced, sorted and stored with the use of photo editing software. With the popularity of digital cameras, the scanning of negatives and prints and the desire to go paperless, photo editing software gives users a variety of enhancement options with their digital images. Improvements in color, removing blemishes and even changing a color photo to black and white is possible with photo editing software.

Benefits 1. Photo editing software allows users to make several types of corrections to photos stored on their computers. Photos can be cropped and brightened, colors can be saturated and the overall picture can be lightened or darkened. Advanced photo editing software allows users to alter photos. Imperfections like a stray hair, pimple or smudged lipstick can easily be corrected. Tools that duplicate pixels allow the software user to re-create, clone and rearrange portions of the photo. Misconceptions 2. Photo editing software cannot refocus a picture. If the picture taker did not use the auto-focus feature correctly or manually focus the lens of the camera, the image will always be out of focus. However, if the photo is just a little bit fuzzy, it can be sharpened with photo editing software. The Unsharp mask feature in Adobe Photoshop can create an illusion of sharpness on photos that are just a little bit soft. Features 3. A few of the main features of photo editing software include the capability to select specific portions of a photo, rather than applying a technique to the entire photo. Cropping tools are another popular feature of photo editing software. These tools are used to zoom in a certain portion of the photo and trim off unwanted background. The result is a closer image. Effects 4. An overall improvement in photo quality can be achieved with photo editing software. Although it takes extra time to manipulate photos on a computer, the results can be worthwhile. Type 5. Photo editing software can be downloaded off the Internet for free. Full versions with advanced editing features can be purchased at software and photography stores. Some photo editing software is included on new computers for free. Perform the search function on the computer. Search for programs that include the words "edit," "photo," "photography," "picture" and "image." Browse the literature that came with the computer to see what software was included. Popular photo editing software programs include Microsoft Picture It, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Picassa.

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