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Symmetry-based photo editing

Symmetry-based photo editing

Higher-Level Knowledge in 3D Modeling and Motion Analysis, 2003. HLK 2003. First IEEE International Workshop on
Volume , Issue , 17 Oct. 2003 Page(s): 21 - 28
Digital Object Identifier   10.1109/HLK.2003.1240855
Summary: Based on high-level geometric knowledge, especially symmetry, imposed upon objects in images, we demonstrate how to edit images in terms of correct 3-D shape and relationships of the objects, without explicitly performing full 3-D reconstruction. Symmetry is proposed as the central notation that unifies both conceptually and algorithmically all types of geometric regularities such as parallelism, orthogonality, and similarity. The methods are extremely simple, accurate and easy to implement, and they demonstrate the power of applying scene knowledge.

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